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Henry Franks

CTO, Climate Policy Radar

Henry is CTO of Climate Policy Radar, an open source non-profit using AI to unlock climate law and policy. He is a technology and product leader with over a decade of experience building startups deploying innovative data- and machine learning-dense products. Leveraging expertise in computer science, software engineering, data science and machine learning, Henry holds an MEng and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warwick (involving research into the nature of cooperation in society and application of those insights to algorithmic societies). Henry has worked on products involving large language models, NLP, search, topic modelling, time series analytics, risk modelling, and IoT data at high scale, and is a guest lecturer on AI ethics and regulation at the Dickson Poon School of Law KCL and Notre Dame University.

Background information on OpenAI collab, benefits of AI for climate/ESG
Climate Policy Radar’s collaboration with OpenAI is founded on combining OpenAI’s state of the art expertise in language models with Climate Policy Radar’s groundbreaking approach to unblocking access to and deepening knowledge of climate law and policy, which is critical to combating climate change. In this moment of time where the benefits and risks of this AI are becoming increasingly clear, transparency, safety, and bias mitigation are key values that underpin our work introducing this technology to the climate law and policy world.

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