CIO & IT Leaders’ Summit 2022



Welcome from the Chair

Jonathan Healy

Jonathan Healy


Digital Leadership



Building back better: The CIO role in a digital first world

We’re delighted to open our event with insights from an acclaimed technology leader. Richard shares his insights on the professionalisation of the role of IT in the enterprise, what it means to be a digital first leader in 2022 and the future of the CIO role. In his current role as CIO for Walgreen Boots, he also looks at the role of technology in retail and how it can be a driver for community healthcare.

Richard Corbridge

Richard Corbridge

Vice President and CIO, Walgreen Boots


The technology leader’s agenda in 2022

To strategically transform, leaders need to deliver tech at speed, innovate at scale and put people at the centre. The pressure is on to strategically lead businesses forward. As digital acceleration transforms industries and customer and employee expectations, tech leaders have a vital role in deploying technology and data to integrate functions and seamlessly enable new business models. Puneet discusses the actions to focus on to unlock long-term value for all stakeholders.

Puneet Kukreja

Puneet Kukreja

Cybersecurity Practice Leader, EY Ireland



Technology leadership in a digital-first world

Our panel of experienced technology leaders share their insights on IT leadership, emerging trends and expected challenges. They reflect on lessons learned in the past 2 years and what it takes to be a successful digital leader today.

Tim Hynes

Tim Hynes

Chief Innovation Officer, AIB

Andrew Warren

Andrew Warren

Head of Banking & Financial Services UK & Ireland, Cognizant

Seamus Dunne

Seamus Dunne

Managing Director, Digital Realty Ireland

Lavinia Morris

Lavinia Morris

Chief Operations Officer and a member of the Executive Committee, KBC Bank Ireland


Morning Break

STREAM 1: Designing Digital Government services for maximum impact

STREAM 2: Spearheading a digital culture at every level of the business



Deep Dive Roundtable Discussions


2pm – 2.55pm
Thematic roundtables are 45-minute-long interactive discussions in small groups. Moderated by seasoned industry experts and practitioners, they will address a compelling technology trend, a governance approach or an inspiring customer case. This is your chance to join insightful discussions to share experiences and get new and actionable ideas from peers and experts.

Roundtable 1

Designing Digital Government services for maximum impact

How your organisation can deliver digital experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of citizens.

Lisa Barron-Broadhurst

Lisa Barron-Broadhurst

Programme Director, Social Security Programme, Scottish Government

Roundtable 2

The role of the CIO: The opportunities and responsibilities ahead for the digital CIO

The opportunity to deliver leading technology solutions continues to expand for the CIO: How you can shape your role as a technology executive:

  • The changing face of the digital CIO: Where is the role of the CIO going?
  • The importance of forging stronger relationships across the business.
  • Practical steps CIOs can take to make digital transformations take hold gaining buy-in from business leaders.
Lavinia Morris

Lavinia Morris

Chief Operations Officer and a member of the Executive Committee, KBC Bank Ireland

Roundtable 3

Securing the “new normal”: How to protect your cloud, workforce and assets in the post-pandemic world

  • Data protection and reliance in a hybrid era
  • Reinventing your data protection strategy in the work-from-home era
  • Scaling data protection through object storage
  • Protecting your organisation against ransomware attacks
Fintan Swanton

Fintan Swanton

Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Cygnus Consulting Ltd and Chairman, Association of Data Protection Officers

Roundtable 4

To infinity and beyond: embracing digital transformation

  • Threats, opportunities & technology in the new normal
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Enabling innovation and new operating models
  • Legacy, lifecycle and scale in the era of digital transformation
  • Managing ecosystems and partnership in exponential IT
  • The journey to sustainable IT
James Maudslay

James Maudslay

Digital Industry Lead for Enterprise Transformation – at Equinix EMEA

Roundtable 5

Ransomware: The sh*t has hit the fan. What now?

  • Do have a recovery procedure that has been real-world tested?
  • Who is responsible for each step? Understanding the scope of the problem, recovery, law enforcement etc.
  • Should you pay the terrorist? Can you? Do you have a crypto wallet?
  • Sure, your data and systems have been encrypted but has your data been stolen too? How would you know?
  • Who manages your systems today? Do you trust them? Are they ultimately responsible / liable? – Reviewing Contractual agreements, SLAs, contract responsibilities, legal liability, cyber insurance, & independent security accreditations.
  • Is recovery actually possible and how long can you survive without your standard applications, databases and processes? Are your backups protected, isolated and immutable?
  • When is the right time to tell your clients?
Frank Renehan

Frank Renehan

Director, Kontex – an Ekco company